Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Dad's birthday slideshow

Today is my dad's birthday, and when it comes to dad's, I got one of the best.  I could have added so many more lessons I have learned from him...but I guess those I can share in future slide shows.  By the way, my dad hates the words "sippy cup..." if you watch you'll understand my explanation.

Happy birthday Dad! on PhotoPeach

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

New family pictures

A good friend of ours, Becky Anderson, took some family pictures for us. I'm posting one of them here, but she posted a bunch more on her blog (once you get to her blog you have to scroll down a bit to see our pics):

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Remembering Lily

This last week it has been two years since we were blessed with our little Lily for such a short time. I'm amazed at how clearly I still remember the feelings and emotions of that week. The pain isn't so raw, but we certainly were forever changed by her and will never forget that time. I never have a day when I don't think of Lily, just as I never have a day when I don't think of any of my other kids. We have lilies and pictures of lilies throughout our home as a reminder of our little angel watching and waiting for us. It's hard not to think of what she would be like now, or how old she would be. We feel so lucky to be able to raise three great kids who bring so much joy into our family. Trevor has certainly brought with him a lot of healing. He can so easily put a smile on any one of our faces.

"How many kids do you have?" is an innocent enough question for most people, but I continue struggle with how to answer it, and dread hearing the question. I tend to answer three to avoid explaining the one we lost, but it hurts a little inside each time to count her out. I delivered our little girl, we held her, named her, and had to bury her all too quickly, but we've had too many experiences confirming her part in our family to not know that she will be ours forever if we do our part. It's amazing how her brief stay in our life helped us to see so much more clearly how blessed we are, and how closely our Father in Heaven watches over us.


How very softly you tiptoed into my world.

Almost silently, only a moment you stayed.

But what an imprint your footsteps have left upon my heart.

--Dorothy Erguson

Death Valley

Ted and I have gone to Death Valley every year in February or March since we were married, and his family has been going since I don't even know when. The common response we get when we say we are going there is, "WHAT is in Death Valley?!" And we pity those poor people who have never experienced it, because when we think of Death Valley, we feel like breaking out and singing.....

because when you go to Death Valley in the middle of the winter, it feels like you have died and gone to HEAVEN. Granted, in the middle of summer, it may feel a little more like you have died and gone to hell. So don't go in summer. My sister Krista refers to our weekend there as "Sports Camp," and that's a pretty good description. The weather is usually close to 80 degrees this time of year. We spend the days swimming in an 80 degree pool, playing tennis, running, playing volleyball, bike riding, hiking, baseball, ultimate frisbee, and any other outdoor activities we can fit in to our bags and our schedule. Oh, and we eat a lot of really good food and may spend a little time lounging in the sun:

And yes, there is writing on JC's stomach. You can ask him for the story.

This year was especially great because my family was there as well (except for Eric's family which stinks because he would LOVE this place)

Along with the whole Paterson clan.

Thanks to Boppa for all the launches he gave Dylan in the pool. (And thanks to Dylan for NOT cracking his head open at this pool like he did at the YMCA a month ago.)

As you can see, Trevor was a natural his first time swimming. Watch out, Micheal Phelps!

This picture doesn't do justice to how great this game was. I will call it Pooltimate frisbee. We basically commandeered half of the pool and played a game of ultimate frisbee in the water with some kind of cloth frisbee that was perfect for it. I could go for some Pooltimate right now.

So the real question is, what ISN'T in Death Valley? (Except Cafe Rio, which we got in Vegas on our way home.)

Monday, March 14, 2011

You're never fully dressed, without a smile

You know what's great about this guy? (Besides that he doesn't talk back.) He's just so darn happy all the time. Unless you tease him and make him think he's about to eat, and then make him wait ten seconds, that is not funny. Food is very serious business, but other than that, he seems to be enjoying the ride. Notice he's a true cornhusker.

He even smiles when he's covered in spit-up and slobber, which is most of the time. There really seems to be more coming out than goes in, so it's a true miracle of nature that he's as big as he is.

Kara loves helping and is a great big sister. (Even though Trevor's a cornhusker, he hasn't forgotten his BYU roots). And yet another kid friendly G-rated photograph; the leg placement is priceless.

"Hey, I saved a spot just for you..."

A Whole New World

Wouldn't it be interesting to remember what it was like to be a baby when you were just bombarded by new strange things everyday? So much to learn. Dylan is an early riser, and so sometimes in the morning he will read to Trevor while everyone else is sleeping so I can get a few things done. I just love this picture.

We've never had a thumbsucker before, and I have very mixed feelings about it. It's cute now, but if it lasts much longer, it just seems like an open invitation to every possible germ to join our family.

Trevor checking out the craftsmanship of the jogging stroller before his maiden voyage. Although I should call it the running stroller, because I am NOT a jogger. Jogging is lame. And boring. And I think you have to wear a velour jogging suit. Running, on the other hand, is a whole different story. So please don't call me a jogger. I don't want my children learning those words.

In about half a second, a baby can go from happy to sobbing. I think I will burst into tears randomly more often and see what it gets me. Hopefully more than a bottle full of breastmilk.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Tis the Season

We had an amazing Christmas season. Having a brand new baby boy just helped remind us of why we celebrate and made it that much more special. Garrett took this picture of the kids at my parents' house. He's pretty talented, huh? When you have a girl, a boy, and a baby boy at Christmas, what choice do you have but to get a picture like this?

Making a gingerbread house every Christmas has become a family tradition. I didn't say it was a good tradition, but it's a tradition none the less, and it looks like it's here to stay. But this year Ted made the house with the kids. Now that's a tradition I can get behind. What a great guy! (Don't worry, we don't always make Dylan hold up the counter with his head.)

Dylan: "Santa, can you bring me a poorly made baking soda rocket car that will take my parents hours to assemble with instructions that are so badly written they will chase away all Christmas spirit, and then when it is put together it won't work that great and I will only play with it once or twice?"

Kara: "Are you the same Santa that was at the YMCA last week, because his beard was different."

Another Christmas tradition: Acting out the nativity story.

We had a great time spending three weeks over Christmas with both of our families and seeing so many wonderful friends as well. Thanks for the memories.