Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Remembering Lily

This last week it has been two years since we were blessed with our little Lily for such a short time. I'm amazed at how clearly I still remember the feelings and emotions of that week. The pain isn't so raw, but we certainly were forever changed by her and will never forget that time. I never have a day when I don't think of Lily, just as I never have a day when I don't think of any of my other kids. We have lilies and pictures of lilies throughout our home as a reminder of our little angel watching and waiting for us. It's hard not to think of what she would be like now, or how old she would be. We feel so lucky to be able to raise three great kids who bring so much joy into our family. Trevor has certainly brought with him a lot of healing. He can so easily put a smile on any one of our faces.

"How many kids do you have?" is an innocent enough question for most people, but I continue struggle with how to answer it, and dread hearing the question. I tend to answer three to avoid explaining the one we lost, but it hurts a little inside each time to count her out. I delivered our little girl, we held her, named her, and had to bury her all too quickly, but we've had too many experiences confirming her part in our family to not know that she will be ours forever if we do our part. It's amazing how her brief stay in our life helped us to see so much more clearly how blessed we are, and how closely our Father in Heaven watches over us.


How very softly you tiptoed into my world.

Almost silently, only a moment you stayed.

But what an imprint your footsteps have left upon my heart.

--Dorothy Erguson


  1. Eric and I were just thinking of you and Lily a few days ago since she and Garrett would be so close in age. We think about her too and know we will get to meet her someday.

    I love the Footprints poem, for so few words it says a lot.

    We love you guys.

  2. Amber this was beautiful to read, thank you for sharing that. We really enjoyed having Ted here for the week and wish you and the kids could have come too. ben and I feel lonely at night without him! enjoy your family and vacation time.....hopefully we can meet up sometime soon.