Tuesday, September 21, 2010


If you look for the bright yellow socks, you'll find Kara in these pictures and videos. This is her second year of soccer, and she is playing like she does everything else: with persistance and determination. It's paying off--she scored twice in her last game and had lots of time in control of the ball. Thank goodness she's more aggresive in sports than I was at her age!

Tri For Fun

On Saturday, Dylan completed his first triathlon. As you can see, he was a very serious competitor. He was the youngest kid that participated but didn't seem phased by that at all. It was so fun to watch him be so excited about doing it--just gives me warm fuzzies having a kid that had so much fun doing what I love to do!

Dylan's prerace stand-up...I mean warm-up routine

Not a great picture of the swim portion...but he completed the length of the pool (25 yards) without stopping. (Maybe for Dylan's next event my brother Garrett will fly out to be the photographer since he photographs sporting events professionally!)

Dylan (in the blue shirt) running with his very pregnant mom. At 7 1/2 months pregnant, the two mile run seemed long enough for me. I guess this was my first run with my two boys!

The two mile bike ride was the final leg...and he was still smiling.

Dylan showing off his medal; he's learning young that the prize bag at any race is really the most exciting part of the whole thing.